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  Two things I don’t like about Hacker News

Hacker News is a very famous IT information hub. We can find many useful links about the latest IT news and fantastic technology demos. But there are two things I don’t like about Hacker News. Maybe some of you also have the same feelings.1.  About the more link. Every time we click the more link to go to next page, there will be a unique key generated to produce the new page. It is a good security mechanism. Also it may increase pages views as we need to read page by page but can...

   Hacker news,More link,Submission,Security     2012-02-28 11:55:37

  Some famous article aggregators

Blogs are still very important places for people sharing their thoughts about something although some social media platforms have replaced some of these capabilities. As a blog writer, how can you let others know what you are thinking about? Besides your friends and social media platforms, there are some article aggregators around us which can help us promote our articles. Other than some aggregators like Google News, readers can submit articles to these sites themselves What are some famous art...

   News aggregator,Reddit,Digg,Hacker News     2013-08-12 03:34:37

  Comex, the Hacker Behind, Hired as Apple Intern

Comex, the hacker behind, is joining Apple as an intern. made it extremely easy for iOS users to jailbreak their devices simply by visiting a website. He announced the hiring on Twitter: It's been really, really fun, but it's also been a while and I've been getting bored. So, the week after next I will be starting an internship with Apple. Forbes unmasked Comex as Nicholas Allegra, a 19-year old Brown University student from Chappaqua, NY, by Forbes. In that arti...

   Apple,Comex,Jailbrealme,Intern,Leak,Hack     2011-08-26 02:35:57

  Twitter user database is hacked

According to Sina Tech, One hacker from Islamic Republic of Mauritania claimed today that he had acquired Twitter's entire user database and he shared over 15000 user account information on file sharing website Zippyshare.These information include the name of each account on Twitter, username and access tokens of third-party applications which have access to their Twitter accounts(such as Instagram or HootSuite).Twitter has yet to comment on the matter, but the company sent messages urging ...

   Twitter,Hacker,Access token     2013-08-20 10:49:44

  The Best Hackers In The World All Come From One Country

Facebook, Zynga, and other hot companies use Interview Street to recruit programmers. Interview Street posts programming challenges and invites contenders to solve as many as they can. According to their message board, nine of Interview Street's top ten hackers are all from China. One is from an unknown country. A hacker called ralekseenkov, who is ranked number 11, is from the United States. What does that say about the talent crunch here? Read more:

   Hacker,Country,China,Microsoft     2012-04-11 13:17:55

  Mark Zuckerbeg's hacker way

According to TechCrunch, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote codes for the latest mobile IM application : Poke, the tone played when receiving push notifications is from the mouth of Zuckerberg. This approach reflects the way pursued by Zuckerberg : hacker way.As one of the earliest features of Facebook the "Poking" is invented by Zuckerberg, it is not surprising that Zuckerberg involves in Poke's development.Zuckerberg recorded his own voice on the phone initially just for fun. But he was later ...

   Poke,Facebook,Snapchat, Mark Zuckerberg     2012-12-24 12:01:52

  Facebook will release new News Feed

According to 36Kr, Facebook sent out invitations to media to release a new version of the News Feed. This new News Feed will be released at 10 o'clock on March 7th(PST time) at the headquarters.The web version and mobile version of News Feed was updated in September 2011 and May 2012, Web version adds a dynamic display feature, if you login to Facebook per day, it will recommend popular content to you first If you frequently log in to Facebook, it will recommend the latest content. The mobile v...

   Facebook, News feed     2013-03-01 22:19:24

  Disgusting programming language list

To avoid arguments among different programming languages, this ranking only covers the opinions from programmers with multi-language experience. Also it doesn't mean the language is not good if the language is on the list, it just means those developers don't like some features of the language. Below ranking is summarized from Quora、Stack Overflow and Hacker News. 10. Python Reason : It uses code indent to define block level scope, why not use curly braces? It also uses massive colons and unde...

   Programming language rank     2013-09-27 09:53:39

  HeartBleed: Should C be blamed for the HeartBleed bug?

There is a discussion about the security of applications written in C on Hacker News recently after the report of HeartBleed bug in OpenSSL. In this discussion, some people are saying that the applications written in C are unsafe. It seems all or most of the faults should be laid on C. I think this is biased. The language itself should not be blamed.Safety is a relative term for programming languages. No language is absolutely safe. We claim some languages like Java and C# are safer than C/C++ b...

   C,HeartBleed,Analysis,Code review     2014-04-14 03:52:55

  Sites to go if you want to learn web development

Before you start to do web development, either for a hobby or for your start up project, you should be prepared for learning many different technologies including both front end and back end. You may need to deal with UI design, business logic design, data store and infrastructure setup etc. This seems a very complex. Indeed, if you know where you should go, the  it's actually not so hard. Here are some sites you should go when you face issues while you are doing web development. These site...

   Web development,Resource,Site     2013-09-19 08:12:23