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  Mark Zuckerbeg's hacker way

According to TechCrunch, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote codes for the latest mobile IM application : Poke, the tone played when receiving push notifications is from the mouth of Zuckerberg. This approach reflects the way pursued by Zuckerberg : hacker way.As one of the earliest features of Facebook the "Poking" is invented by Zuckerberg, it is not surprising that Zuckerberg involves in Poke's development.Zuckerberg recorded his own voice on the phone initially just for fun. But he was later ...

   Poke,Facebook,Snapchat, Mark Zuckerberg     2012-12-24 12:01:52

  Is Facebook becoming Tencent like?

Recently there is news that Facebook is developing a Reader application which is to compete with Flipboard and Pulse. This reminds me a few movements of Facebook in the past few months. First they built a copy of Snapchat named Poke which failed badly at last. Then they launched a new feature on Instagram named Video on Instagram which allows users to shoot and share short videos up to 15 seconds. This feature is to compete with Vine from Twitter. It seems Instagram wins over Vine on this. You c...

   Facebook,Tencent,Copy     2013-06-24 01:17:27

  If Instagram supports short video sharing

According to TC, the mysterious press event about Facebook on 20 June may not relate to some RSS reader, it may relate to one function to be released by Instagram--Short video sharing. This is not without proof, there was news that Facebook was testing short video sharing internally, but they were not sure about whether building a independent application with filter capability or adding the feature to Instagram. The short video should have a duration between 5 and 10 seconds. Facebook usually wi...

   Instagram,short video share,Vine     2013-06-17 23:29:21

  Why Windows?

Since the latest episodes of both Bent and Throw it Against the Wall have seen me mention Windows Phone 7, I think it’s about time I talk about why I like it. I know there’s a lot of scepticism surrounding it. And why not? Most people I know who were considering jumping the Microsoft ship did so in the dark days of Vista, so that’s their last experience with Windows. Anyone who saw their parents working on a Treo back in the nascent days of the Blackberry know the sloppy, malfunctio...

   Windows,Features,Advantage     2012-02-10 06:22:13

  Functional Programming in C++

Probably everyone reading this has heard “functional programming” put forth as something that is supposed to bring benefits to software development, or even heard it touted as a silver bullet.  However, a trip to Wikipedia for some more information can be initially off-putting, with early references to lambda calculus and formal systems.  It isn’t immediately clear what that has to do with writing better software. My pragmatic summary:  A large fraction of the flaws in s...

   C++,Functional programming     2012-04-28 06:16:37