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  The video Twitter is coming

 Last October, Vine was acquired by Twitter before it released. Now Twitter launched this app. Vine only supports 6 seconds video recording, when you tap on the screen, the video recording starts, when you finger leaves the screen, the video recording stops. It can contain a few frames in 6 seconds. You can share the video on Twitter and Facebook. Vine seems like a video version of Instagram because it allows user to record video and share it. It has the same features as Instagram such as L...

   Twitter,Vine,Video Twitter     2013-01-25 05:10:29

  If Instagram supports short video sharing

According to TC, the mysterious press event about Facebook on 20 June may not relate to some RSS reader, it may relate to one function to be released by Instagram--Short video sharing. This is not without proof, there was news that Facebook was testing short video sharing internally, but they were not sure about whether building a independent application with filter capability or adding the feature to Instagram. The short video should have a duration between 5 and 10 seconds. Facebook usually wi...

   Instagram,short video share,Vine     2013-06-17 23:29:21

  Vine video sharing drops significantly

According to Sina Tech, social media analytics site Topsy data shows that Vine's short video sharing has dropped significantly since Facebook's photo sharing service Instagram launched the video sharing feature.Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced on Thursday that Instagram supported short video sharing. Vine was once called the Instagram in video sharing world, but now, Instagram has launched its own 15-second short video sharing feature for its 130 million users.Vine, was acquired by T...

   Vine,Instagram,Twitter,topsy     2013-06-24 00:16:32

  Now Instagram supports short video sharing

This week we had one article If Instagram supports short video sharing. It said that Facebook might announce a new product in this week's press event on 20 June. In this article, the product to be launched was a short video sharing capability on Instagram instead of RSS reader as predicted previously. Yesterday the answer is revealed. Video on Instagram came out. Video on Instagram enables you to share your story in another way. Now you can see a movie camera button next to the photo button. Yo...

   Instagram,short video share,Vine     2013-06-21 09:40:38

  Is Facebook becoming Tencent like?

Recently there is news that Facebook is developing a Reader application which is to compete with Flipboard and Pulse. This reminds me a few movements of Facebook in the past few months. First they built a copy of Snapchat named Poke which failed badly at last. Then they launched a new feature on Instagram named Video on Instagram which allows users to shoot and share short videos up to 15 seconds. This feature is to compete with Vine from Twitter. It seems Instagram wins over Vine on this. You c...

   Facebook,Tencent,Copy     2013-06-24 01:17:27