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Google search engine algorithm change history

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Recently, Google had a major adjustment on its search algorithm: Users can directly see answers to the searched question on the top of the page.

There are billion of search requests each day on Google. There is no doubt that the algorithm will become the subject of discussion. Last year, Google did an adjustment to its search algorithm every 17.5 hours in average. We all experience the change of the algorithm. Following information chart summarizes the major changes of Google search algorithm since 1998.

From the above table
we can see several major search algorithm improvements:

  • March 1998, use the link metrics for rankings
  • December 2000, the introduction of the Google browser toolbar--Toolbar PageRank(TBPR) and the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • December 2009, the introduction of real-time search, real-time display of Google News and Twitter feeds
  • June 2010, Google completed Caffeine architecture transplantation, indexing and crawling speed increased by 50%
  • September 2010, Google Instant was an expansion of Google Suggest, showing search results while the user was still typing. The impact on SEO was fairly small
  • March 30, 2011, Google placed a +1 button next to the results links responding to the competition from Facebook and Twitter
  • June 28, 2011, Google launched its own social network Google+ in response to Facebook's challenge. There were 10 million users registered on Google + after two weeks of launching.

Each change of Google's search algorithm is to improve user's search experience. We are looking forward to seeing more changes on Google search algorithm.

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