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What does a Bing driven Siri mean to Google?

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On Tuesday, Apple announced that Bing would become the default search engine of the upcoming iOS 7. This is another Google service kicked out by Apple after Youtube and Google Maps.

For Siri: if the default system of Siri can not answer your question, it will try to search the Internet. Currently, Siri connects to the Safari browser by default, and Safari's primary search engine is Google (Can change to Yahoo or Bing). But in iOS 7, Siri's default search engine will be replaced by Bing. Siri will use Microsoft's search index to answer the questions it can not answer itself, and it will not ask "would you like me to search the Web" anymore.

However, You can still use "search Google for smartphones." to force Siri to do Google search. But this requires the user to send a clear directive which makes a simple and intuitive voice interaction more complex.

With the Siri update, Google search is clearly excluded from Apple. Siri may not be widely used to do Internet search now, but the possibility is very high in the future. Composed Siri voice recognition technology and natural language technology is the future of search. Even Google itself has openly admitted this.

If voice search is the future of search and Bing becomes the search engine of Siri, what does this mean to Google and what's its position in iOS? What will happen when Google is no longer available for iOS? When these changes become a reality, The only Google service left on iOS will be the search box on mobile Safari browser.

To avoid the tension brought by this sudden change, Google and Apple have refused any comment. Microsoft Bing vice president Derrick Connell mentioned in a blog: "Our major focus in the past few years is to ensure that users are able to use Bing when they need to. We are very pleased to work with Apple to bring Bing to Siri users this fall."

Ironically, just a few weeks ago, a Windows 8 advertisement criticized Siri :"Less talking, More doing".

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