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  Output control functions in PHP

The Output Control functions in PHP allow you to control when output is sent from the script. This can be useful in several different situations, especially if you need to send headers to the browser after your script has began outputting data. The Output Control functions do not affect headers sent using header() or setcookie(), only functions such as echo and data between blocks of PHP code. These output control functions include ob_start(0, ob_clean(),ob_get_contents(), etc. To be honest, I a...

   PHP,output buffer,relationship,ob     2012-06-15 10:11:58

  Do You Morph Into A Different Programmer?

Every experience you have as a software developer should change you in some way. And I don’t just mean growing older by virtue of time passing. Everything you do should evolve your understanding of your craft (and/or related skills) or your understanding of yourself – which ultimately achieves the same goal. I am not just talking about major milestones in your software development career like switching jobs, becoming a leader/manager or starting you own company. Every job, every proje...

   Programmer,Steps,Process,Developer     2011-08-18 08:59:01

  How to help new joiners involve in projects

Usually when a new joiner involves in a new project, he will spend much time on understanding the background of the project, the current status of the project and the requirements of the project etc. It is very easy for them to get lost in this stage. So to effectively help them involve in the project, we need have some people guiding them, giving them some useful instructions. What should we do to help them? Here are some steps I take.1. Project backgroundIn this phase, I will introduce to them...

   New joiner,Experience     2012-05-05 11:06:18

  Some geek mats to welcome guests

Geeks are mostly otaku, they like surfing the Internet, playing games. Perhaps not everyone is a programmer, but most of them have some understanding of programming. It is undoubtedly very necessary to have a specific pattern mat at the door as a glorious proud geek, what mat should you use? 1. Binary Floor/Door Mat There are 10 kinds of people in the world, one is understanding binary code, the other one who doesn't understand binary code. The above binary mat is the binary codes of " welcome"...

   Mat,Geek,Entertainment     2012-10-05 19:39:24

  Web evolution history

I guess many of us want to know about web evolution history since it changes so fast. Web has changed our life style, there are many big events in web history. Following picture give us a general understanding of the history of web.Original author : 陈皓 Reference :

   Web,History,Figure     2012-04-25 07:40:52

  The Singular Secret of the Rockstar Programmer

Before all the laws of software, before the purpose of software, before the science of software design itself, there is a singular fact that determines the success or failure of a software developer. This fact makes the difference between the senior engineer who can seem to pick up new languages in a day and the junior developer who struggles for ten years just to get a paycheck, programming other people’s designs and never improving enough to get a promotion. It differentiates the poor prog...

   Programming,Tip,Great developer,Rockstar     2011-08-07 23:42:09

  Learning Is More Important Than Knowing

Although DuckDuckGo's success is based more on ideology than technology, you'd have to be a pretty arrogant technologist to not appreciate and be impressed with what this small team (for a long time, 1 person) has accomplished. And while DuckDuckGo teaches us a number of valuable lessons (about business, and privacy), to me, the most important, is that good programmers should be measured by what they can learn, not what they already know. Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo's creator, has been wo...

   Learning,Knowing,Google,DuckDuckGo     2012-04-18 07:17:53

  Code Refurbishment

Within our industry we use a huge range of terminology.  Unfortunately we don’t all agree on what individual terms actually mean.  I so often hear people misuse the term “Refactoring” which has come to make the business in many organisations recoil in fear.  The reason for this fear I’ve observed is because of what people often mean when misusing this term.I feel we are holding back our industry by not being disciplined in our use of terminology.  If one chemist said ...

   Code Refurbishment,Code design,terminolo     2011-09-05 08:17:14

  Must read C++ book list

Every programmer should read some books to enhance their understanding about the language before the start to practice. But some of us often wonder what books we should read and in what order. Some books may not be suitable for beginners and some books may cover the similar topics. Here I summarize a C++ book list we should read.Stage 1"Essential C++" : It is short but powerful and it can enhance our understanding of C++'s features.This book is specifically designed to bring you up to speed in a...

   C++,Book list,Read,Effective C++     2012-05-23 13:03:30

  Is Java the platform of the future?

I've mentioned before, but I think we are living in a period of time where a bigger explosion of programming languages is occurring than at any time in the past four decades. Having lived through a number of the classic languages such as BASIC, Simula, Pascal, Lisp, Prolog, C, C++ and Java, I can understand why people are fascinated with developing new ones: whether it's compiled versus interpreted, procedural versus functional, languages optimised for web development or embedded devices,...

   Java,Platform,Future     2012-04-03 12:59:52