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  Learning Is More Important Than Knowing

Although DuckDuckGo's success is based more on ideology than technology, you'd have to be a pretty arrogant technologist to not appreciate and be impressed with what this small team (for a long time, 1 person) has accomplished. And while DuckDuckGo teaches us a number of valuable lessons (about business, and privacy), to me, the most important, is that good programmers should be measured by what they can learn, not what they already know. Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo's creator, has been wo...

   Learning,Knowing,Google,DuckDuckGo     2012-04-18 07:17:53

  Sites to go if you want to learn web development

Before you start to do web development, either for a hobby or for your start up project, you should be prepared for learning many different technologies including both front end and back end. You may need to deal with UI design, business logic design, data store and infrastructure setup etc. This seems a very complex. Indeed, if you know where you should go, the  it's actually not so hard. Here are some sites you should go when you face issues while you are doing web development. These site...

   Web development,Resource,Site     2013-09-19 08:12:23