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  TowTruck from Mozilla Lab

TowTruck is a real time collaboration tool developed by Mozilla lab, it can enable users to do real time chat, voice chat in any webpage. Both sides can see each other's mouse position, it will produce animation when mouse clicked. The classical application for collaborative sides is users can discuss a document while reading the same document or modify some codes or fill up an application form. TowTruck is an open source project. It's very easy to deploy TowTruck, first you need to embed below ...

   TowTruck,Mozillar Lab,HTML5     2013-04-15 12:23:13

  Samsung will build its own mobile browser

According to the Korean IT News, Samsung is developing its own brand mobile browser based on WebKit, make its the default browser for future Gaxlaxy products.Samsung has posted recruitment advertisements for recruiting Webkit developers in its Advanced Software Platform Lab located in the Silicon Valley. Webkit is an open-source browser engine, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome are based on this open source engine.For many users, the phone's built-in default browser is still the most used, so S...

   Samsung,Browser,Webkit     2012-09-24 22:32:00

  11 CSS Button Solutions

BonBon ButtonsZardiCSS3 Buttons With Simple MarkupFancy Buttons10 Nice CSS3 ButtonsCSS3 Animated Bubble ButtonsSuper Awesome Buttons with CSS3 and RGBAPretty CSS3 ButtonsGitHub-Style CSS3 ButtonsWe Love ButtonsSexy ButtonsRealistic CSS3 ButtonsSource:

   CSS,Button,Style,Solution     2011-05-14 01:29:10

  How-to: Remotely shut down your computer

Think of this scenario; You are lying in bed and just finished watching a movie that you were streaming from a computer downstairs. You want to sleep, but you need to head downstairs to turn the computer off. Save some time, and do it from the computer upstairs.There are a number of ways that you can restart or shutdown remote computers. You could use a remote desktop connection, but there are quicker ways and we will look at them today.This article will show you various methods you ca...

   Windows,Shutdown,Remote control,Cmd     2011-10-10 06:18:44

  On Employers, Portfolios, Commitment, and Cake

You might know from experience that planning for a wedding is no simple feat. In the months leading up to our wedding, my then fiancé and I spent countless hours planning and making sure that no detail was overlooked. Among our top priorities was finding a skilled baker to create a delicious and beautiful cake. On the recommendation of a friend, we considered a baker named Jennifer. We read her "culinary resume." We were impressed by her references and experience, and our initial convers...

   Career,Employer,Cake,Commitment     2012-02-17 07:48:19

  AI solves complex biology problem from scratch

An interdisciplinary, interuniversity group of scientists from Vanderbilt, Cornell, and CFD Research Corporation have created an artificial intelligence capable of solving complex scientific problems from scratch. The AI, called ABE (Automated Biology Explorer), “discovered” how glycolysis produces energy in a living cell by looking at a set of data and then squeezing it into a mathematical formula, just like a human biology researcher.ABE is powered by the freeware Eureqa software, and...

   AI,Artificial intelligence,Biology,ABE     2011-10-17 11:08:58

  Everything You Thought You Knew About Learning Is Wrong

Taking notes during class? Topic-focused study? A consistent learning environment? All are exactly opposite the best strategies for learning. Really, I recently had the good fortune to interview Robert Bjork, director of the UCLA Learning and Forgetting Lab, distinguished professor of psychology, and massively renowned expert on packing things in your brain in a way that keeps them from leaking out. And it turns out that everything I thought I knew about learning is wrong. Here’s what he...

   Learning,Thought,Before,Wrong     2012-01-30 05:45:36

  Are You a Good Programmer?

If someone asks you to recommend a good programmer, who comes to mind? Do you consider yourself a good programmer? What criteria do you use to judge? In thinking about this, I realized that there are different ways that a programmer can be good. So I present to you The Four Kinds of Good Programmers. And in celebration of Whyday, I include quirky Why-styled illustrations* for your viewing pleasure! The Philosopher The PhilosopherThe philosopher loves to write well-defined, well-structured...

   Programmer,Inventor,Philosopher,Conquero     2011-08-23 07:56:26

  The Internet : from 1969-1974

Internet was born 43 years ago. There are some big events in the history of Internet development. In my opinion, most of the big events happened at the first five years, i.e, from 1969-1974.  1969 : ARPANETThe Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), was the world's first operational packet switching network and the core network of a set that came to compose the global Internet. The first ARPANET transmission was between Stanford Research Institute and UCLA on 29th, October 1969...

   Internet,History     2012-06-22 09:55:51

  How big company CEOs spend their time in work

As a company's steer holder, the CEO or founder takes plenty of pressure ordinary people even cannot imagine. They usually need to deal with different aspects of daily operation of a company including technology, business, marketing, public relationship etc. Lots of meetings, negotiations and presentations are waiting for them every day. Hence time is a precious resource for them. Let's take a look at how these CEOs spend their time in their work. 1. Apple CEO Tim Cook Gets up at 3:45 am ...