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  Microsoft is to release Office for iPad and Android

Microsoft plans to release Office series software on iPad and Android based tablets this November. This application's loading screen shows "Office for iOS" on iPad, this may indicate that it may also be compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. The Office series software will also be available on Android at the same time. Some details about this application are still unknown, such as price and features. Last November there was news showed that Microsoft was developing Office for iOS. Micr...

   Microsoft,iPad,Office,Android,iOS     2012-05-24 03:33:28

  52.4 million tablet shipments in Q4 globally

IDC released the global tablet shipment report for Q4. The total tablet shipments in Q4 were 52.4 million globally. It set a new record where the shipments increase 75.3 annually and increase 74.3% compared to last quarter which had shipments of 30.1 million. Among all the tablets vendors, Apple iPad's shipments were 22.9 million which ranks the first place among all vendors. It takes 43.6% market share. Samsung has 7.9 million shipments, increased by 264% compared to the same period last year....

   IDC,Tablet, iPad,Android,Kindle,Surface     2013-01-31 02:45:25

  Does Microsoft lack of UI designers?

I believe that many of us visited one or more of Microsoft's website before. We may want to know what new products Microsoft has presented, or we may be developers who want to discuss some Microsoft products on their forums. I have to say that Microsoft has presented many amazing products to the world such as Windows OS, XBox, Office etc. But for its website, I don't know about you guys, every time I visit Microsoft's websites, I wonder whether they lack of UI designers or not. Their websites ar...

   Website UI design,Microsft website     2012-03-31 02:54:00

  Microsoft forms a new subsidiary focused on open source called Microsoft Open Technologies

Microsoft once again changes its attitude and intends to set up an open technology subsidiaries in order to promote the formulation of open-source projects and standards.The new company name is Microsoft Open Technologies and Jean Paoli, Microsoft executives will be the president of the new company. The company will also form interoperability strategy team in the future. The newly established company will have about 50-75 employees.Over the years, Microsoft has been considered to be the rival of...

   Microsft,Open source,Microsoft Open Technologies     2012-04-13 06:10:45

  It's Official: Google Today Is Just Where Microsoft Was in 1999

Google (GOOG) looks a lot more vulnerable to the accusation that it’s become the new Microsoft (MSFT) today compared to even a year ago.Several people have said that Google’s co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have sought to build their company so that it wouldn’t make the mistakes that Microsoft did in the 1990s. Well, surprise, Google today seems a heck of a lot similar to where Microsoft was right in 1999 – the year after Google was founded. Want proof? Here are 7 similarities:...

   Google,Microsft,Similarities     2012-04-17 06:55:41