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  Chrome 23 supports Do Not Track now

Google has upgraded its browser to Chrome 23, released for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome framework. New features brought by Chrome 23 include GPU video decode acceleration, more convenient site permissions management and start supporting DNT agreement. The most important feature of this version upgrade is the support for "Do Not Track (DNT)". As one of the solutions to address online privacy issues, DNT protocol allows Internet users to control how their privacy information can be tracked, als...

   Chrome 23, Do Not Track,DNT     2012-11-07 11:27:26

  The Death Of The Spec

Earlier today, my colleague Matt Burns wrote a post noting that most tablet makers may be largely failing because they’ve sold their soul to Android and are now just in the middle of a spec war, which no one can win. I’m gonna go one step further in that line of thinking: the spec is dead.There have been a few key stories from the past couple of weeks that highlight this new reality. Barnes & Noble unveiled the new Nook Tablet. Consumer Reports looked at the iPhone 4S...

   Specification,Android,Platform,Software design     2011-11-15 08:20:22