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  Execute PHP from a .html File

How can I execute PHP code on my existing myfile.html page?:When a web page is accessed, the server checks the extension to know how to handle the page. Generally speaking if it sees a .htm or .html file, it sends it right to the browser because it doesn't have anything to process on the server. If it sees a .php extension (or .shtml, or .asp, etc), it knows that it needs to execute the appropriate code before passing it along to the browser. Here is the problem: You find the perfect ...

   PHP,HTML,PHP in HTML,AddType     2011-12-26 14:01:20

  What can .htaccess file do?

A .htaccess file is a directory-level configuration file supported by several web servers, that allows for decentralized management of web server configuration. What can a .htaccess file do? We summarized some of them here.  Hope it may help you. 1. Timezone settingSometimes when you use date() or mktime() functions in PHP, , it may display some weird information because of the timezone difference. For example, one possible warning is :Warning: date(): It is not safe to rely on the syste...

   .htaccess,setting,tip     2012-06-15 06:39:39

  How to create offline HTML5 web apps in 5 easy steps

Among all cool new features introduced by HTML5, the possibility of caching web pages for offline use is definitely one of my favorites. Today, I’m glad to show you how you can create a page that will be available for offline browsing.Getting startedView DemoDownload files1 – Add HTML5 doctypeThe first thing to do is create a valid HTML5 document. The HTML5 doctype is easier to remember than ones used for xhtml:<!DOCTYPE html> <html> ... Create a file named index.html, or ...

   Offline store,Steps,demo,Html5,Cache     2011-09-20 13:15:45