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A simple way to remove the small arrow on on desktop application shortcut

  Pi Ke      2014-10-25 08:39:58      37,943    0    0

Maybe many of us will see a small arrow on desktop application shortcut after we install the application on Windows. Some may like it but some people may think it doesn't look beautiful enough. We may need to remove these small arrows somehow the desktop can be clean. So how?

Many people may use a third party software to remove the small arrows, then they must go to download the software and install them. But do we necessary do this in order to remove the small arrow?The answer is no.

Here I propose a simple way to do this. Follow steps below:

1. Go to Start->Run->Type "regedit";

2. After the regedit window shows.find "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT",expand it and find the key "lnkfile", on the right panel, delete the value IsShortcut. Close the regedit window;

3. Open Task Manager, select tab Processes and find "explorer.exe", end this process;

4. Finally, go to menu File on task manager, select (New Task(Run...)), type "explorer.exe" and click OK. Done

Yeah, quite simple,right?

Update : This method should not be applied on Windows 8.1 as it will make the Start menu at the left-bottom corner of the desktop non functional.



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