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Will Microsoft use Windows 8 to replace Metro?

  Peter      2012-08-10 13:32:00      2,913    0    0

Since there is some dispute with a German company Metro AG on the word "Metro", it is said that Microsoft will abandon "Metro" in Windows 8. Then what will be the replacement of "Metro"? According to Zdnet, the answer may be Windows 8.

Microsoft reminds Windows developers not to use "Metro" when they mention interface of Windows Phone or Windows 8 in their apps and recommends that the developers use New User Interface when they describe Windows 8 style interface design. Microsoft officially announced Windows 8 applications to abandon the word "Metro", "Metro" will just be the code of internal design.

It is reported that Microsoft officially said that all previous or present "Metro style application" would be officially known as the "Windows 8 Applications", the design will also be referred to as Windows 8 design.

We can also find some clues from Microsoft's OEM manufacturers about the naming change . Lenovo just published a description of the Windows 8 Thinkpad tablet, they start using the "Windows 8 App" instead of "Metro".

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