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Create wireless hotspot on your smartphone

  Pi Ke      2013-01-12 23:08:39      2,140    0

It's now very common that you may not get Internet connection in first few days when you move to a new place. And you may have some important things to handle or you may just want to connect to Internet and share with others your new place. If you have a smartphone which has enough mobile data package, then you are on the way to enjoy Internet. Today we will introduce how to create a wireless hotspot on your smartphone with Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300.

Step 1

Go to Settings -> More Settings -> Tethering and portable hotspot .Here you have three choices

  • Portable Wi-Fi hotspot : It will create a wireless hotspot which upto 5 devices can connect to it at once.
  • USB tethering : If you connect your USB cable with the PC, then you can enable this and it allows only one device to connect it through the USB cable
  • Bluetooth tethering : This will work if you have bluetooth enable on your device

Here, we choose Portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

Step 2 : Configure

When touching Configure, you will find a prompt window which asks for Network SSID, Security, Password.

Network SSID is the network name you create, other devices can connect to your hotspot by finding this name.

Security is the security type you want your network to be.

  • Open means every one can connect to it without any authentication
  • WPA PSK and WPA2 PSK are two secure types. You need to set a password so that when other devices want connect to your hotspot, they need to enter the correct password.

Save after all configurations are configured.

Step 3 : Enable the hotspot

Now you need to enable the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot so that other devices can detect it and connect to it. Here you may first need to disable Mobile Data and Wi-Fi first, otherwise, the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot may turn off automatically.

You may encounter some issues while connecting to the hotspot through your PC. The issue may be "Limited Access". To solve this, you need to power off your smartphone first. Then start it and enable the hotspot again. This will solve your issue. After enable your hotspot, you need to enable Mobile Data as well so that now your smartphone can connect to Internet, in turn the PC can connect to Internet as well.



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