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The big four in Taiwan can compete with Samsung

  Night Walker      2013-06-12 06:46:16      1,956    0

Taiwan's IT industry has a tense competition with South Korea, TSMC chairman Morris Chang said that although Samsung Electronics is a powerful opponent, ,there is only one Samsung in South Korean; in contrast, Taiwan has the TSMC, HTC, MediaTek and Hon Hai, they can challenge Samsung altogether.

Morris Chang pointed out that Samsung Electronics is the  company with biggest market capitalization in South Korea, the market value is roughly $200 billion; but the second largest company in South Korea has far less capital than Samsung.Taiwan has similar situation.

For example, TSMC has the largest market capitalization in Taiwan, reaching $100 billion; the second place one is Hon Hai Group which has $30-$40 billion. He said the enterprise structure in these two places is very similar, apparently "South Korean is also not so strong."

However, he said Samsung Electronics owned diversified products, while Taiwan has no company which has so many products  like Samsung; If Taiwan enterprises want to compete with Samsung, then they need to stay together and compete with Samsung, let the best company in each industry to confront Samsung.

He said that Taiwan has wafer foundry factory TSMC which can defeat Samsung's semiconductor division; mobile phone brand HTC can confront Samsung's mobile phone products; IC chip factory MediaTek is able to compete with Samsung's IC department; Hon Hai Group enters the industry Samsung doesn't enter yet.



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