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Samsung will build its own mobile browser

  Peter      2012-09-24 22:32:00      2,265    0

According to the Korean IT News, Samsung is developing its own brand mobile browser based on WebKit, make its the default browser for future Gaxlaxy products.

Samsung has posted recruitment advertisements for recruiting Webkit developers in its Advanced Software Platform Lab located in the Silicon Valley. Webkit is an open-source browser engine, Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome are based on this open source engine.

For many users, the phone's built-in default browser is still the most used, so Samsung also wants to encourage its Galaxy users to use their own browser. At the same time, the overall experience of all Android phones has no much difference, Samsung hopes to provide differentiated services, the mobile browser is the best choice.

From Samsung's current position in the mobile phone industry, it has a lot of advantages to lanuch its own mobile browser. In the overall mobile phone shipments, Samsung are over Nokia to be the No.1 global mobile phone manufacturers. In the field of smart phones, Samsung's shipments and market share have more than Apple. Regarding the profits, Apple and Samsung have taken away 99% of the profits of the entire industry.

However, Google's Chrome browser has excellent user experience and features, its cross-device data synchronization (passwords, bookmarks, history, etc.) feature is welcomed by many users, so the biggest competitor of Samsung browser is Chrome.

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