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Global web browser market share statistic in June

  Peter      2012-07-02 06:08:17      2,709    0

The war among the leading web browsers is still on after Google Chrome took over IE as the No.1 web browser last month. Let's take a look at the market share for different web browsers in June 2012.

According to statCounter.  Chrome still remains at the No. 1 position and its market share is continuously increasing. Its market share increases by 0.28% from 32.43% in May to 32.71% in June.

While for IE, eve. though it lost its No. 1 position to Chrome last month, its market share still increases a little bit this month. In May, it had market share of 32.12%, in June, it has market share of 32.31%, with a 0.19% increase, but still less than increase speed of Chrome.

Firefox ranks the 3rd place in last six months. Compared to May, its market share in June drops 0.01%. The latest data shows its market share is 24.56%. Safari has similar situation as Firefox, its market share drops to 7%.

However, according to NetApplications, IE is still the No. 1 web browser which has market share of 54.02% which increases by 0.42% compared to last month.

In June, Firefox ranked the 2nd place with a 0.46% increase in market share, it has market share of 20.06% in June. Chrome dropped to the 3rd place with a market share of 19.08%. Safari ranked the 4th.

From both websites we know that the big three web browsers are still IE, Chrome and Firefox. They may still remain the big three in a long time. Among them, IE will have a tough time in the future since it faces the challenge of Chrome. fortunately, IE10 may be released late this year, it may help IE recover its loss. Chrome has the potential to gain more market share because of its speed and usability. For Firefox, if it cannot provide more attractive features, users may finally choose to leave it.

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