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Browser market share in June

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Recently, the Internet research firm Net Application announced the browser market share report in June, IE's global market share grows to 56.15% in June from 55.99% in May, an increase of 0.16%. However, Firefox drops by 1.48%, its market share is 19.15% in May. Chrome grow by 1.43% to 17.17% in June. Meanwhile, Safari increases by 0.09% to 5.55%, Opera drops 0.19% to 1.58%.

For different versions of IE browsers, IE10's global market share is 13.52%, monthly market share increases by 4.26% in June which is faster than the previous two months. In contrast, IE9's market share shrinks 3.68% to 11.71% in June. Analysts shows that IE11 will soon have the same trend, as it will appear in both Windows 7 and Windows 8.
Although IE8's market share drops by 0.32%, it remains the world's most popular browser, it still has a market share of 22.67%. Analysts said IE8's market share would not change in the short term: IE10 will take away the market share of in Windows 7 because Windows XP users can not upgrade IE8 to higher versions.

In addition, IE7 drops by 0.09% to 1.69%, while IE6 increases 0.1% to 6.13 percent.

Firefox is no longer sharing one fifth of the global browser market, In June, its market share is 19.15%. This may be because Firefox 22 is released less than one month, it only gets 1.46% of the market share. Firefox 21's market share increases slightly, to 12.47%. However, other versions of Firefox browser market share fall: Firefox 20 falls by 9.69%, Firefox 19 falls by 0.19%, Firefox 17 falls by 0.03%.

In May,Chrome experienced the lowest market share in the past 21 months. Finally in June it recovers back, the current global market share is 17.17%. Chrome 27 increases by 10.1% to 13.76%; while Chrome 26 falls by 9.24% to 0.61%; other versions have no big changes. The data shows that Chrome may take over Firefox in June.

The above data is from Net Applications. In another report released by StatCounter, Chrome is the leader with 42.68% market share; IE has 25.54%; Firefox has 20.01%; followed by Safari and Opera which has a market share of 8.39% and 1.03% respectively.

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