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What's wrong with us in Mobile Era?

  Pi Ke      2012-01-07 12:10:35      1,858    0

Every day when I surf the Internet, I find much news about new smartphones and Android, iOS apps. Also I can find many people use iPhones and other smartphones with Android OS. Apparently we are now in Mobile era. People can find tons of news that says how Mobile has changed our life, made our life simpler and how easy we can know the world with mobile technology. Yes, it's true, now we only need to press a button, we can know what happens in USA which is thousands kilometres away from us. We can easily get to know what new promotions there are from different retailers. All these are hard to believe decades ago.

But have you noticed a strange phenomenon? In Mobile age, we know what happens thousands miles away, but we don't know what happens a few meters away. Have the same feeling?

When we use smartphones such as iPhone, Google Nexus, we are addicted to them. We will use them as long as we have time; we view other’s Facebook status and retweet other’s tweets. We keep us busy on smartphones. We make our life more complex. Do you have the same feeling?

The day we didn’t have smartphones, a phone was a phone, it was used to just contact with our families, friends and colleagues. We could look around in the bus station, we could talk to people we don’t know on bus, on train. We might feel boring, but we didn’t feel lonely. We cared about new changes around us while we were heading to the office in the morning, we could see the sunset while we left the office in the evening. I always think that a phone or even smartphone should be a tool to help us connect to people, but not stay away from people. But I find that since we have smartphones, we are staying away from people. We don’t talk to people sitting next to us, we don’t go to cinemas during the weekends.

What I suggest is that we need to use mobile technology, but we cannot be addicted to mobile technology.



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