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  mysql_fetch_array(),mysql_fetch_assoc() and mysql_fetch_row()

In PHP MySQL mannual. There are three functions which need to be clarified for some users who may get confused when choosing which one to use to get the result. mysql_fetch_array() : by seeting the different parameters, there are three ways to return the result set. MYSQL_ASSOC(Result set with field names as the associative indexs.It means you can use the field name as the index to get value of the specified cell). MYSQL_NUM(Result set with field names as the number indices). Or MYSQL_BOTH(...

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  JSP connect MySQL

To connect MySQL with Java Server Page(JSP). Some steps should be followed:Step 1: Download MySQL JDBC connector driver from the Internet. URL: 2: Put the jar file downloaded in Step 1 in the Tomcat common lib folder and add this jar file to the CLASSPATH so that the JSP page can find the specified class.Step 3: Create the JSP page with MySQL connection : Example is shown below:        <% String driver="com.mysql.j...

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  Why I love everything you hate about Java

If you’re one of those hipster programmers who loves Clojure, Ruby, Scala, Erlang, or whatever, you probably deeply loathe Java and all of its giant configuration files and bloated APIs of AbstractFactoryFactoryInterfaces. I used to hate all that stuff too. But you know what? After working for all these months on these huge pieces of Twitter infrastructure I’ve started to love the AbstractFactoryFactories. Let me explain why. Consider this little Scala program. It uses “futures”, w...

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