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  Hide a file in a picture

Sometimes if you want to hide some important files on your computer which you don't want others to see, how would you do that? Find a professional tool? Set password for some folders? Change the file properties to hidden? They are possible, but they may not be so convenient or so secure. Here we share with you how to hide a file in a picture. Prerequisites 1 picture for example : test.jpg 1 test file, for example : test.txt WinRAR Steps Prepare the picture test.jpg and test file test.txt Use ...

   Trick,Picture,Fil hiding,WinRAR     2012-09-13 19:36:36

  Creating a PHP 5 Extension with Visual C++ 2005

This article describes the steps to create a custom PHP extension DLL for the Windows platform. The Zend API documentation that comes with PHP 5 on Windows (see php_manual_en.chm) does a good job explaining how to write extension methods, parse method parameters, and return values. But there is not currently a good step-by-step tutorial on how to get your first extension project up and running on Windows. The aim of this article is to fill that gap. Prerequisites Visual Studio 2005 You can...

   PHP,Extension,Writing,Windows,Step by st     2011-07-23 01:56:53