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  High performance web apps with C++

It is Christmas over here, and it is time of giving. So I decided to give something back to the community. I guess this is as old as web programming itself. Trying to create C++ web framework. If you search on the web, you can find dozen of guys that had exactly the same idea. I am not different. For one of the previous projects(discontinued now) I created simple web framework in C++. If you like to hack in C++, here it is. Code is provided as-is, as part of larger application. You can ex...

   C++,Web apps,Web framework     2012-01-08 10:06:48

  Seven Java projects that changed the world

O\'Reilly is celebrating the release of Java 7, and our inaugural OSCON Java conference: July 25-27 in Portland, Ore. Java\'s open source ecosystem is strong and healthy, one of the primary reasons for our creation of OSCON Java. Over the last decade, several projects have traveled beyond mere adoption and had effects dominating the Java world, into software development in general, and some even further into the daily lives of users. JUnit Ported to Java by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma from Be...

   Java,Projects,Prominent,Eclipse,Sue     2011-07-26 02:50:42

  Open Source (Almost) Everything

When Chris and I first started working on GitHub in late 2007, we split the work into two parts. Chris worked on the Rails app and I worked on Grit, the first ever Git bindings for Ruby. After six months of development, Grit had become complete enough to power GitHub during our public launch of the site and we were faced with an interesting question:Should we open source Grit or keep it proprietary?Keeping it private would provide a higher hurdle for competing Ruby-based Git hosting sites, givin...

   Open source,Benefits,Popularity,Advertisement,Advantage     2011-11-23 07:58:15

  The Great Tech War Of 2012

From left: The late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google CEO Larry Page, and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. | Photos courtesy of David Paul Morris/Getty Images (Jobs); Justin Sullivan/Getty Images (Zuckerberg); Chip East/Reuters (Page); Mario Tama/Getty Images (Bezos).Gilbert Wong, the mayor of Cupertino, California, calls his city council to order. "As you know, Cupertino is very famous for Apple Computer, and we're very honored to have Mr. Steve Jobs come here tonight ...

   2012,Tech war,Facebook,Apple,Google,Amazon,Tablet,Cloud,Analysis     2011-10-17 11:06:25