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  Why cannot Renren be China's Facebook?

Yizhou Chen, CEO of China's SNS community Renren, shouted "one war, three battles". We do not know now how the battle progresses. Currently Renren's net market value is $1.3 billion where 900 million of them are in cash, it means the market values Renren 400 million US dollars only which is far lower than Facebook. Why cannot Renren be China's Facebook? This is a very interesting topic, many users share their opinions, Some of the main points are summarized as follows:Facebook pay more attentio...

   Renren, Facebook,SNS     2012-11-22 11:44:33

  3 preconditions for Facebook to enter China

It's well known that Mark Zuckerberg has a big interest in the Chinese market. Recently, the founder of Facebook visited China to attend a development forum held by the Chinese government. Along with the trip, he also paid a trip to some famous places in Beijing such as The Great Wall. He even did a morning run in front of the Tian'an men Square, the symbol of China.  In past few years, Zuckerberg also learned Chinese and read Chinese books, showed his love to the Chinese culture....

   FACEBOOK,CHINA,MARK ZUCKERBERG     2016-03-25 01:32:51

  Will Weibo's IPO be a success?

The Chinese version of Twitter -- Weibo is going to launch its IPO today on NASDAQ. The stock code is "WB" and its target price per share is set to $17. The total funds it's going to raise is around $328.44 million. Weibo claims it's the first Chinese SNS media to be listed on NASDAQ. Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse are the joint lead underwriter of the IPO. They have gained one option from Weibo for validity of 30 days to buy 2.52 million shares of ADS. One interesting thing is Goldman Sachs ...

   Weibo,NASDAQ,IPO     2014-04-17 07:33:42

  Will Google+ be a "Ghost City"

Just now, I read an article about Google+’s status quo. The key point of this article is that it states that Google+ is now a “Ghost City”. According to the article, users of Google+ spend only 3 minutes per month on Google+, this is a very low participation rate for a social network website. After reading this, I wonder whether Google+ is really a Ghost City now, I cannot give my answer. Since it was released just around 8 months ago, so the user base is not very large. I registered ...

   Google+,Social fayigue,User base,Ghost City     2012-02-28 09:44:39

  Social media sharing codes

Social media is becoming a very important traffic source to one website. We can see social media share buttons or links in most websites ranging from news website to personal blogs. It is also a very important optimization area where many SEO experts recommend. There are many social medias we can share our links to such as Facebook and Twitter. Most of these website provide share button for us to easily integrate them into our websites, but these buttons usually have default styles(fixed size, f...

   Social media,Share button,Cutomize     2013-07-18 23:12:45

  10 Best Android Apps of 2016

The year 2016 has been gone with all its good and bad memories. But in the field of information technology, this year was another boost in which the field rapidly grew and explores some more essentials for the ease of users. In the field of mobile apps, specially users of Android OS, the year 2016 was awesome because in this year, they got many useful apps created by the highly qualified app developers of the world.Experts of Android OS rounded up a lot of apps created in the year 2016 and they ...