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  Facebook to be listed on Nasdaq. Stock symbol "FB"

The social networking company Facebook has chosen publicly to be traded on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol "FB". It means that Facebook and Apple, Google and other tech giants ultimately did not choose the New York Stock Exchange. The news is from New York Times citing on an anonymous source.By choosing Nasdaq, Facebook has its own considerations. Compared to the market and electronic hall of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ is an purely electronic market. While the former i...

   Facebook,FB,Nasdaq,IPO     2012-04-06 01:10:07

  Baidu may withdraw from NASDAQ

Baidu, the search engine giant in China, may withdraw from NASDAQ some day and then get re-listed on A-shares market in China. This message is conveyed by Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, on a Wednesday(Beijing time) interview. Baidu is now investing heavily on O2O(Online to Offline) service as it is an emerging market where all Internet giants in China are diving in. In addition to its own O2O products, which include delivery service Waimai and deals site Nuomi, it has invested in a number of othe...

   NASDAQ,ROBIN LI,O2O,BAIDU     2015-09-17 04:03:55

  Will Weibo's IPO be a success?

The Chinese version of Twitter -- Weibo is going to launch its IPO today on NASDAQ. The stock code is "WB" and its target price per share is set to $17. The total funds it's going to raise is around $328.44 million. Weibo claims it's the first Chinese SNS media to be listed on NASDAQ. Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse are the joint lead underwriter of the IPO. They have gained one option from Weibo for validity of 30 days to buy 2.52 million shares of ADS. One interesting thing is Goldman Sachs ...

   Weibo,NASDAQ,IPO     2014-04-17 07:33:42

  Facebook share price is over $38 before the market opens on Wednesday

According to Sina Tech, Facebook share price is over $38 before the market opens on Wednesday. It's the first time that its share price is over $38 since its IPO last year. In May 2012, Facebook went to public on Nasdaq with a releasing share price of $38. The share price went below $38 after the first trading day. Then after its share price kept dropping until last September it reached to its lowest point with a share price of $17.58. But as Facebook's performance was better than expected last...

   Facebook ,Share price     2013-07-31 07:45:18

  For Google CEO Larry Page, a Difficult Premiere Role

When Google Inc. co-founder Larry Page announced that he would take over as chief executive earlier this year, he promised that he would shake up the Internet search giant to speed up decision making. Instead, much of the shaking up has happened to the new CEO.Challenges have piled up for Mr. Page since he assumed his post in April. They include a broad U.S. antitrust probe of the company's practices; the settlement of a long-running criminal investigation into Google's adver...

   Google,CEO,Lary Page,Motorola,Role     2011-08-31 08:55:43

  A list of English abbreviations

When we read emails or short message on our phone, we will often see some words such as FYI or LOL etc. Do you know their meanings, right? But some of the abbreviations we may not know or cannot remember clearly. Here is a list of English abbreviations which may be useful to you in the future when you want to check them.      Numbers:    &n"sp;   2 = to/too   2B or not 2B = To be or not to be   4 = for   4ever = forever  A:   ...

   Abbreviation,English,Summary     2012-07-05 23:41:06