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  Does Android team like to eat Kitkat?

Google released the new Android development code for Android 4.4 :KitKat.The new version will bring astonishing user experience for Android users. The interesting thing about the name is that it has the same name as one brand of Nescafe's chocolate wafer. Nescafe has authorized that Google can use this name as their development code. We may guess that the project team or the director was eating Kitkat or like to eat Kitkat while they were brainstorming the new development code, so they came out ...

   Android,Kitkat,development code     2013-09-03 23:03:03

  10 Great Tips On How To Become A Successful Android App Developer

Android operating system is very popular among people and makes app development for Android market fruitful. There are many professionals who are trying to come up with great ideas and create great apps, but not all of them are really dealing with it. So, what do you need to become a successful Android-apps developer? What You Need for Becoming an Android App Developer 1. Acquire technical skills. You must know the necessary tools to become an Android app developer. You do not actually need to ...

       2017-08-19 00:53:37