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  Google CEO : Facebook holds its users hostage

Google CEO Larry Page claimed in a media interview recently that it’s unfortunate that Facebook has been pretty closed with their data while Google is in the business of searching dataPage has been attacking Facebook ban on the search engine to search its data. In fact, the battle between the two sides has been going on for several years, and in June 2011 Google launched its social networking service Google+ which somehow further exacerbated the tension. On Monday, Page, in an interview with...

   Google,Facebook,Hostage,Larry Page     2012-05-23 05:58:07

  Why Only Designers Can Create New Programming Languages

Attempts to verify the utility of languages stifle innovation. Christopher Mims 03/06/2012 30 Comments Compared to the versions that are hacked together late at night under insane deadline pressure, the programming languages to come out of academia are failures. Well, not all of them. History can speak for itself. Via UC Irvine computer scientist Cristina Videira Lopes, who deserves credit for any insight you might get from this post, which is a ...

   Designer,Programming language,Create,Great     2012-03-19 13:22:15