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  Why PHP is (so much) better than Ruby?

I attended this weekend my first Ruby conference, Ruby Lugdunum in Lyon. Besides cool talks and the fun of meeting people like Nick, Blake, or Laetitia, my friend Camille & I did a surprise lightning talk about how PHP is better than Ruby. Here are the slides and a more detailed transcript: A lot of free hosts: it’s easy to find a PHP host, you just have to google “free php host” and you find a ton of free PHP/MySQL hostsBigger community: The PHP community is really huge, and it’s r...

   PHP,Ruby,Comparism,Difference,Advantage     2011-06-29 08:34:12

  PHP buffer: output_buffering and ob_start

buffer is one piece of memory section, it is usually 4Kb in Linux. It is mainly used between different devices with different speed or different priorities. With buffer, the waiting time between different processes will be reduced. Here is one simple example, when you type something in a text editor, every time when you type a character, the operating system will not write it to the disk directly, instead it will write it to buffer first When the buffer is full, the data in the buffer will be wr...

   PHP buffer,output_buffering,ob_start     2013-06-20 22:54:15