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  Today in history : Steve Wozniak invented Apple I in 1975

The original Apple Computer, also known retroactively as the Apple I, or Apple-1, is a personal computer invented by Steve Wozniak ion 29th June, 1975. Wozniak's friend Steve Jobs had the idea of selling the computer. Features:CPU : MCStek 6502CPU Speed : 1MHzBus Speed : 1MHzMemory : 8KbResolution : 60.05 Hz, 40*24 charactersPower : 58WPrice : $666.66The Apple I went on sale in July 1976 at a price of US$666.66, because Wozniak "liked repeating digits" and because they originally sold it to a lo...

   Apple I,History,Steve Wozniak     2012-06-29 06:00:08

  Mac evolution history

Apple's WWDC is coming in a few hours. All Apple fans are expecting that Apple will release some new amazing Apple products. This year, what are we expecting? The result will be revealed in just a few hours. Before that, we can look back about the history of some Apple products such as Mac. Below is the Mac evolution history summarized by We can take a few minutes to go through it. Reference :

   Apple,WWDC,Mac,History     2013-06-10 09:17:17

  iOS6 will not have YouTube pre-installed

2012 maybe Apple's year of  "away from Google".Following the Google Maps, YouTube will be ruled out from iOS 6. According to 9to5Mac, iOS 6 beta 4 has removed the YouTube application that existed on iOS since the first version in 2007. Apple also confirmed that the agreement signed with Google to pre-install YouTube has expired. If you are a big fan of YouTube, don't worry, Apple doesn't completely rule out YouTube. In Safari, you can still visit YouTube, Google is also developing a new ver...

   iOS6,YouTube,Apple,Google     2012-08-07 03:42:31

  Life in Apple design team

While in mentioning about Apple, everyone of us will think of the amazing products shipped out by Apple such as iPhone and iPad. We are all impressed by its smooth design and handy user experience. But as a outsider do you know the story behind the amazing design of Apple? Apple has a team of world class designers and they are leading the fashion of design. What's the life in Apple's design team? Ben Williamson from Apple shared one story of him which can give us some hints on what the life is ...

   Apple,Design,Perfect     2014-01-02 07:00:27

  SkyDrive may be banned on App Store

Apple App Store may block Microsoft SkyDrive, because Microsoft is not willing to pay for SkyDrive to be on App Store.According to App Store agreement, 30% income of an app on App Store should be paid to Apple, However, Microsoft said it was difficult for them to accept it.SkyDrive provides users with 7GB of free storage space, after which the user should pay for extra storage space up to 100 GB. Apple insists that 30% of sales of SkyDrive storage space should be paid to Apple, Microsoft thinks...

   App Store, SkyDrive,Ban     2012-12-11 13:41:11

  Pandora's killer--iTunes Radio

As expected, this year's WWDC may make many people happy, but also doomed to make many start-up companies sleepless. iTunes Radio is such a product creates insomnia. In WWDC, iTunes Radio was released on schedule and it becomes Apple's new music service. iTunes Radio is a music stream service which can learn your taste, it can recommend your music based on what you heard and you're listening to. From the conference we can see this new service can access the entire iTunes catalog, i.e, there wil...

   iTunes Radio,iRadio,Apple     2013-06-10 23:19:23

  Data from iPhone 5 event

Apple finally unveils iPhone 5 on an event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. At the beginning of the event, Apple showed us some data. There will be 380 Apple Retail Stores opened across 13 countries Last year Apple Retail Store welcomed 83 million customers 7 million Mountain Lion upgrades since last month It ranked the first place in sales for Macbook Air in United States, it has 27% market share in July From April to July, 17 million iPads are sold 84 million iPads are sold until thi...

   Apple,iPhone 5,event,data     2012-09-12 21:26:03

  Permutation algorithm with JavaScript

In secondary school, we have learned permutation. Basically, for n numbers, the number of permutations for these n numbers can be calculated to n! which is called 'n factorial'. But to display all the permutations on the screen, we need to use a recursive function. The problem is how to write this function.  Next I write a program to display the permutations for n numbers with JavaScript. First, we need to understand that from these n numbers, we can first take any one number from it, and t...

   JavaScript,Permutation,Algorithm,Impleme     2011-09-21 12:02:35

  Apple will shut down Ping on 30th September

What? Apple also has social networks! Yes. Unfortunately, you just heard it and it is to be shut down. In fact, Apple launched Ping not too long ago, in September 2010, it was released together with iTunes 10.Ping allows users to share with your friends the music you are listening to, and you can even share concerts and activities information, and it supports for picture and link sharing. In addition, Ping also includes the "Top Ten" list of features that can be customized, each singer and the ...

   Apple,Ping,Social network     2012-09-12 22:21:31

  Tim Cook is ready for China

Everybody knows that China is a big potential market. China is the biggest market of iOS devices. Currently for iOS devices, the market in North America is almost saturated, while Asia market especially China has a very big capacity for iOS devices. Tim Cook has noticed this trend. So his newly released iOS6 has showed his preference for Chinese market.  The new features added to iOS6 for supporting Chinese are : With improved text input and built-in support for popular Chinese Internet se...

   Apple,China,iOS6,Siri     2012-06-12 06:01:02