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Jack Ma's interviews during Alibaba's IPO at NYSE

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Alibaba has been listed on NYSE on 19 September. It becomes the largest IPO ever in the history of US stock exchange, larger than Facebook then the largest one. And after the trading closed on Friday, its share price closed at $93.89 per share, this makes it the second largest Internet company in the world following Google.

Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, also becomes the richest person in China with a total wealth of $18.1 billion. He accepted interviews from different media during the IPO. Let's see what he has said post the IPO of Alibaba.

The first one is from Fox Business, Jack Ma shared his view about the how Alibaba deals with Chinese government and the future of Alibaba.

Here is another interview from CCTV, here Jack Ma shared how he would use the money Alibaba obtained from the share market to grow the small business in the world. He said Alibaba's IPO represented the success of China's small businesses.

Here is one more from CNBC, Jack Ma talks about the positions of customers, employees and share holders in Alibaab's growth.



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What an embarrassment

By sonic0002
When someone wants to hire someone with 7-10 years NodeJS experience, the NodeJS author jumped out and said that he had just 7 years experience of NpdeJS because NodeJS was created in 2009, which is 7 years ago. What an embarrassment for the recruiter.