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Microsoft is attacking iPad again

  sonic0002      2013-08-20 05:14:29      2,341    0    0

Microsoft recently released a new advertisement on YouTube which attacked iPad. It aimed to show that iPad had a poorer performance in the classroom than Windows Tablet.

Steve Jobs once said that iPad could liberate student's shoulder, students no longer need to carry their heavy school bags to the class. But from Microsoft's perspective, although iPad is lighter than student's school bag, the problem is that its performance in the classroom is not so satisfying. In Microsoft's advertisement, after the teacher announced to start the class, the girl who used the Lenovo Yoga(equipped with Window 8) felt relaxed, but the students using the iPad had a variety of confusion, they were busy with looking for the peripheral device and setting up their Smart Covers.

Interestingly, however, in this classroom, all others except the girl who used the Lenovo Yoga were using iPad, Is this ad smart enough?

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