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Microsoft is to promote 80-inch Win8 Tablet PC

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Microsoft VP Frank Shaw told Wired that Microsoft is going to offer 80-Inch Windows 8 Tablets PC. He said that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has one such tablet PC, “Steve Ballmer has an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet in his office. He’s got rid of his phone, he’s got rid of his note paper. It’s touch-enabled and it’s hung on his wall.”

He mentioned the display screen of the 80-inch Windows 8 tablet PC will not be made by Sharp. Earlier this year, at the CES in Las Vegas, Sharp showed an 80-inch LCD screen. But what Steve Ballmer is using and the tablets they will offer are made by another producer. But Frank Shaw didn't tell the details of the release of this 80-inch Windows 8tablet PC.

The main potential clients of this kind of tablet PC should be those companies which need to set up them in their offices for teleconferencing or meeting. They can be used in meetings or during group discussion or presentations. Also with their powerful Office products. It may attract many companies.

Recently they also plan to release Office products for other devices such as on iPad and tablets with Android systems.

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