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How Java Application Developers Can Build Secure Internet Based Apps?

  Edward Brooks      2015-09-16 02:13:17      2,930    0

There are few compiled solution tested by experts to guide Java application development and maintenance team how they can start safe journey on Internet. Strong encryption, wise passwords, secure hardware are few of the tech tools that should be used by Java app development team to secure their Internet based apps.


The Internet is most amazing yet most risky platform where nobody knows either they are doing safe transaction on Internet or there is some dog watching out for data packets that are exchanged by you over web. So we cannot be sure that we are safe every time we are using Internet. 

Here, experts are sharing their experience and giving best possible solutions to protect developers against hackers on Internet 

In many cases, we know about all the risks yet we are putting up data on routers carelessly. Here, we need to be extra focused so nobody can take advantage of your activities. We will show you how Internet can be most trustworthy platform for all.

Public Key Addition for Java Enterprise Application 

Distribution of public keys by major companies means building trust on web. All banks should think of it to secure their customers. The companies who have to share info with large customer base can also use public key distribution techniques. Any organization who wants to start a journey of trust on Internet should add public keys to major modules or services.

Trusted Hardware 

One way to add extra layer of security is to use trusted hardware with potential benefits for customers. These days special computers are designed dedicated for a single job only. Here, hardware used inside can be trusted completely and highly safe in use by Java application developer.

Use Random Key Generator for Java Development 

When you are using any software, you must have noticed that random number generator is usually attached to application by default. But the question is can it be trusted? Well. It’s a good question that every developer should focus on. Random keys should be generated in better way to secure application use on Internet.

Encrypted Hash Function for Digital Files 

Digital files that are shared on web can be easily modified or altered. Hackers are so smart that they have the capability to change date also so that receiver could not track either file was altered in between or not. The only solution is to use encrypted hash function along with every digital file. In case, digital file is modified value of hash function will also get altered.

Bit-coin Transactions 

Bit-coin is most secure way of making transactions where values are stored inside a bit-coin that is difficult or almost impossible to crack. The transactions are stored in a very complex style and difficult to read by hackers. It increases number of block chains and transactions are submitted securely.

Secured Layer of HTTP i.e. HTTPs 

HTTPs add extra layer of security when you are using Internet but it is usually difficult to use for all interactions. In case, you can afford it then better to use it.

Certified websites with cross links 

The links shared at websites should be used wisely. Java application development team can work together to build better websites that are secured and efficient too. 

In this way, any Java app, software or websites can be built securely if Java application development and maintenance is done by all these tips in the same way as discussed earlier.




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