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What do programmers like to say usually?

  sonic0002      2013-08-07 07:38:30      14,831    6

Coding is an very important part of programmer's daily work. But beyond coding, programmers need to do other work as well, they need to fix bugs reported by users, they need to write documents for their codes. Also, they often need to answer questions from customers, bosses and colleagues. What do they often say when they are facing different sort of questions? Today we share some.

  • It's done. I just need to clean up a few things.
  • This is hacky, but I'll fix it soon.
  • This can never happen:
  • It's just a one-line change so it shouldn't affect anything else.
  • This task will be easy.
  • Yeah, I tested it.
  • I'm almost done.
  • If there's a bug, it can't possibly be in my code.
  • Yeah, it is a known bug.
  • I'll add the Unit Test case in the next release.
  • I'll comment and document my code later.
  • It's not a bug, it's a feature.
  • I will finish it by evening it's almost done.
  • Works on my machine -- That's not a lie, haha
  • The code was working few minutes ago
  • It's 90% done
  • I'm deeply investigating requirements. Will start development soon.
  • It's just a temporary solution, it won't be used in production. --Actually this is usually from production manager not programmers.
  • I'll add it to the TODO list
  • That's easy, it'll just take a couple of days.
  • The bug isn't in my code; you are using it incorrectly.
  • I'll just cut-and-paste this code for now, but I'll make a super-class when I have a moment.
  • I'll add unit tests in the next code change.
  • This is a hardware issue. Nothing to do with software
  • Are you using the correct version of java?

Have you wondered why programmers like saying these? Are they not willing to admit their errors? Are they lazy to fix their bugs? The reason why they are saying these may be that they are usually too confident, they cannot allow others to doubt their codes. Do you have any other opinion?



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Jimmy [Reply]@ 2013-08-08 04:03:15

I agree with you

Mark [Reply]@ 2013-08-08 07:07:37

Not just programers

Anton [Reply]@ 2013-08-08 09:12:25

I think it happens because non-programmers do not realize the complexity of software development and expect all professional programmers to know and give all the answers instantly. In order to keep the same level of self-esteem, programmers defend themselves with answers like that.

kamkor [Reply]@ 2013-08-09 01:15:48

You can add one more to the list - "Are you using the correct version of java?" :d

NightCat [Reply]@ 2013-08-09 01:57:31

Thank you for your suggestion. Have updated the list.

Chris [Reply]@ 2013-08-09 11:26:52

You missed - 


"Thats easy, it will only take 5 minutes" - which in expereience usualy means at least 5 days.


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