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Frequently used explanations of programmers

  陈皓      2012-04-25 08:07:43      6,198    4

As a programmer, I think many of us have something like these below in our daily work. From these explanations, we may get to know different programmer's characteristics. Below are something we may say frequently. Don't be too serious about them.
  1. It's working on my computer
  2. I never heard about this before
  3. It was working normally yesterday
  4. Ok, this is a bug
  5. How is it possible?
  6. This must be the problem of the machine or the environment
  7. Do you update your operating system?
  8. Must be the problems of client
  9. There are must be some problems with your test data
  10. I never touched those codes
  11. Yes, yes, I am going to finish it
  12. It must be your problem
  13. Oh, this is the function we developed
  14. I am ready
  15. What left are fixing these bugs
  16. I will finish it right now
  17. I cannot test all the cases
  18. It's impossible for me to finish it
  19. I remember I have fixed this bug
  20. I finished it, but it is not yet being tested
  21. The program should be work, but it is not yet being tested
  22. There must be someone who changed my code
  23. There must some virus or trojans on your machine
  24. Even if it's the program's problem, so what?

What else do you say frequently when you are working? Please feel free to share with me.

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Cees_meijer [Reply]@ 2012-04-29 15:13:34
I've read this list before (many years ago), and I think you got the last one wrong: 'Even though the program does not work, how does it feel ?'
David [Reply]@ 2012-04-30 10:28:47
Really? Sounds like someone had a bad experience with a bunch of foreign programmers. Try having a real development team do a project for you. Programming myth No. 1: Offshoring produces software faster and cheaper []
goulniky [Reply]@ 2012-05-01 02:16:39
I'd rather write a program to write a program than write a program
Alan [Reply]@ 2012-05-04 02:01:29
You forgot about a very important answer: "It's not a bug, it's a feature!" ;)


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