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Snapkidz for children under 13

  36 Kr      2013-06-24 09:49:17      2,007    0

According to 36 Kr, in the past, you must be over 13 years old to register on Snapchat, while Snapchat added a new feature called Snapkidz in the latest version of its iOS app last weekend, users under 13 years old can use it now.

In short, Snapchat categorize users using people's age. For users older than 13, there are no many changes; but for those younger than 13, you can also fill out the registration form, but these information are not sent to Snapchat for registering a new account, instead they are sent to "Snapkidz", here you can take pictures, add titles and graffiti photos. The difference is the photograph edited can only be saved to local, you can not share it, you can not receive photos shared by others as well, naturally you can not add friends. It's just like a simple photo processing tool.

Snapkidz feature is currently only available on iOS version of Snapchat. If the result is good, Snapchat team will consider adding it to the Android platform. Interestingly, there is news that Snapchat just received a $80 million B round of funds, its valuation has reached $800 million.



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