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Hurry up!Upgrade your Windows 8 before February 1

  sonic0002      2013-01-18 20:57:01      2,014    0

Microsoft announced on its official blog the price to upgrade to Windows 8 Pro would increase from $40 to $200 starting from February 1.

According to the data released by Microsoft at the CES conference, since on sales in October last year, 60 million copies of Windows 8 licenses are sold, but they did not disclose the specific amount of activation. In order to attract users to upgrade to Windows 8, Microsoft set the upgrade fee to $39.99.

Microsoft said that the price would change as follows from February 1:

  • Windows 8 Pro upgrade price of $199.99
  • Windows 8 upgrade version price of $119.99
  • Windows 8 Pro Pack Price $99.99
  • Windows 8 Media Center Pack Price $9.99

For ordinary consumers, this price increase is still very large, it is recommended that users need to upgrade as quick as possible, you can upgrade here.

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