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The Windows 8.1 Update is here! What to Expect from it?

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Windows has finally released the update for Windows phone, the Windows 8.1! Microsoft has finally released the version upgrade which has interesting enhancements. This may not seem like a major upgrade but it definitely looks interesting.

This latest update has been released on the Lumia phones that were running using the 8.0 version. There is a lot to look forward to in this new update, and some of it will definitely feel interesting.

Folders along Live Tiles

For a long time, people were attracted to the concept of grouping of apps through folders. This concept has finally arrived on Windows OS through the 8.1 update. The update has the live folder concept and allows you to group the apps using live tiles. So, now group your tiles and create a live time folder. All you need to do is drag the app and bring it to the folder. You can resize the folders using a single tap. In fact you can even resize the apps inside the folder in this update. It makes the interface appear brilliant, and you are ready for some cool stuff.

Apps Corner

How about setting your main screen in a way that it appears differently to the people you give your mobile too? Welcome to the world of customized app screen with Windows 8.1 update! Now you don’t need to show apps that you don’t wish to show to people who use your phone. They would see just the apps that you want to show on the home screen. Such customizations works for kiosks and other business related areas. This is pretty similar to Kids’ corner which gives your kids access to selected apps on phone. Similarly apps corner gives the user of phones access to selective apps only. Go to settings>apps corner and here you can select the apps you want to be made seen on the screen.

If you keep the power button pressed for a while a screen will appear which will ask you to either exit apps corner or to power off the phone. Set a lock screen password and ensure that the other person using the phone does not know the code else they can use the normal phone.

Improvised Music Experience with 8.1

When 8.1 were initially launched, it had come with a crashing music experience. What we mean here is that the Xbox used to crash untimely all the while. The consumer complaint led to Microsoft intervening and making an attempt to fix the bug completely. The current update has a lot of improvements in place. The now playing will be placed live on the tile for Windows. This is an interesting interface that will surely make your Xbox experience interesting and interactive.

Store’s Live Tile

The store live tile is actually alive and interesting in this update! In the past users used to get only the number of updates available and they had to open the store tile to check on the updates. Well, things are possibly changing now. You will see that along with the updates, there is the app of the day and recommended apps feature which is coming alive. So this will actually bring alive the various aspects of store on the tile. You will enjoy the remarkable interface posed by 8.1.

SMS Services Improved

Another area where the 8.1 has ensured a great upgrade is SMS. In the older version SMS was pretty boring and seemingly uninteresting. This has definitely changed with the 8.1 upgrade. You can select multiple messages in the SMS inbox to delete. You can select messages that you want to delete or forward using this newer and better version.

Interestingly newer and better version of Windows OS has provided users with an incredible interface and thus experience. With this update, you can enjoy the old and boring Explorer in a new and renewed version. The other interesting part of this upgrade is that you get an updated and interesting HTML 4 support with this. You also get non standard proprietary features support along with this new updated version. In fact this newer version has added Bluetooth notifications so that your phone can connect with wearable. So, now you know how interesting this upgrade is! Get the new update on your Windows phone as soon as possible.

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