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Nokia : Nokia map is better than Apple map

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Recently, the new release of Apple map is criticized by many users because of its search results accuracy. By this time, Nokia which has its map service Ovi Maps has a comparison of three maps in its Conversations blog. These three maps are the one on the Lumia 920, the Google Map on Samsung Galaxy S3, the map on Apple iPhone 5, It wants to show that Nokia is the best among them. Let's take a look:

1. Offline mode

On Lumia 920 Map, the map of the entire country is downloaded, you can position, search, and route offline. Galaxy S3 will only be able to download a map of the city information offline, and can not search and do routing in offline mode. As for the iPhone 5, it can not work offline.

2. Turn by Turn Navigation

The number of countries supported by the three mobile phones in this function: Lumia 920 is more than 110; Galaxy S3 39; iPhone 5 56.

3. Public transport

Coverage of public transport information Lumia 920 covering more than 500 cities; Galaxy S3, covering more than 500 cities; iPhone 5 still can not provide the information.

4. Traffic situation

Lumia 920 can provide information on traffic conditions of 26 countries and on its car navigation application Drive 3.0 there is a new functionality named My Commute. My Commute is able to learn the user's driving habits, and it can get the traffic condition before you go to work so that it can help you choose the best route to work, it will show the time spent on this best route on Live Tile, On his way to work by car, it will continue to monitor the road traffic conditions and provide driving recommendations.

The Galaxy S3 can provide information on traffic conditions for 47 countries, and equipped with a voice assistant Google Now. Google Now not only can provide the user with a map service, but also a voice assistant comparable to Siri.

iPhone 5 information on traffic conditions can only cover 23 countries.

5.3D effect

For Map 3D effect display, Lumia 920 has reality augmentation app City Lens, it can display good restaurants or attractions near you on the map. Galaxy S3 has Google Earth and iPhone 5 has flyover, but the 3D effect is often a surprise. Such as the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan side suddenly becomes the following circumstances:

6. Positioning

Lumia 920 has City Lens, Galaxy S3 has Street View, while iPhone 5 has nothing.

7. Venu maps

Lumia 920's Venu maps cover 38 countries, Galaxy S3 covers 4 and iPhone 5 has no one.

Nokia thinks its Location Platform(NLP) is better than others because of following two reasons:

1. Contributors of other competitors (Apple) map location information are from a third party (Apple map data is from OpemStreetMaps, this is a crowdsourcing project, somewhat similar to the Wikipedia, it builds a free and open map service with data and information provided by volunteers), the degree of perfection, accuracy of information is not so good; Nokia builds its own mapping platform which is able to provide the most accurate map information.

2. Nokia works on map fpr 20 years, has a powerful map team, and the team has accumulated a lot of location data, while the core platform of its maps gains powerful data processing capabilities in the optimizing process. These do not happen overnight.

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