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TIOBE : Objective-C overtakes C++

  Peter      2012-07-05 22:49:49      5,219    0

TIOBE recently released the programming community index for July. From the index,we can find that the biggest change is that Objective-C overtakes C++ as the 3rd most popular language among programmers. Because of the popularity of iPhone and iPad, Objective-C is used by more and more mobile developers who want to develop apps for Apple products. Also, many developers are willing to develop apps for Apple since they can gain more profit on Apple platform than on Android platform.

C++ is mainly used for developing high performance large systems, this is different from Objective-C which is mainly for mobile app development. So there is no much direct competition between these two languages. The only competition is platform, i.e, whether Apple platform will continue grow, if yes, then more and more developers will use Objective-C.

Java's popularity drops and it is in the 2nd position and with a 3.16% drop compared to the same time last year. What's wrong with Java?

For other languages

TIOBE Programming Community Index is an indicator of the programming language trends. It is updated monthly, this list is based on the number of experienced programmers,courses and third-party vendors on the Internet. It uses the well-known search engines (such as Google, MSN, Yahoo) as well as Wikipedia and YouTube to calculate the ranking. Please note that this list is merely a reflection of the popularity of a programming language, does not indicate whether a programming language is good or not.

For more detail analysis of this month's language ranking. Please refer to



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