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Features of Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

  Peter      2012-06-27 12:49:49      2,505    0

In today's Google IO 2012 in San Francisco, Google announced its new Android system Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. It's a whole new Android OS and many new features are added to it. Let's check out what new features are added to Jelly Bean.

1.  Projector Butter

It uses VSync and Tripple buffering to improve the interactivity experience and increase frame rate. It makes Jelly Bean the fastest and smoothest Android ever

2. New home screen

You can customize the home screen. You can re-size the home screen when there are too many widgets on the home screen and make them adjust themselves according to the number of widgets on the home screen.

3. Input method

Input method is improved, it has a predictive keyboard now, this means it may guess what you are going to type even before you start to type. Also Jelly Bean now supports offline voice typing, so you may be able to write emails when you are on a airplane without Internet connectivity.

4. More input languages support

Since Android is targeted for people all around the world. So it now adds more languages support such as Thai to make it a truly global system.

 5. Accessibility

The newly added gesture mode allows blind users to navigate their devices with gestures, and support for external braille devices has been added as well.

6. Camera

While you are taking photos, you can review photos you have taken really quickly. And you can also delete photos easily by swiping them away. Or you touch the undo to bring them back. It's also very convenient for you to share photos you just took.

7. Android bean

The improved NFC capability. You can send photos to others by just touching two devices. It's really fast.

8. Notifications

You can view your new notifications easily all in one. You can callback someone, check you Gmail, listen to music or reading news with the new notification panel. The amazing thing is that you can do all these things in the notification panel and no need to open the respective apps  when you check your notifications.Apps can also tap into the notification shade, and they can be expanded by dragging down with two fingers.

9. New Google Search

It has New UI, Voice search and Google now.

New UI supports Knowledge Graph which can show results in a new richer way. Also, Voice search now is much faster and can understand natural languages. Moreover. Google now can give you the right information at the right time. The information includes traffic, public transit, places, flights, sports and travels. The coolest thing is that you no need to ask it to give you the information, it knows what to give you automatically.

There are more features which are waiting for you to explore. The release date for the new OS is expected to be in July.



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