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Intel disclosed more configuration details of Win8 Tablet PC

  Xiao Ming      2012-04-14 00:20:47      2,581    0

Intel disclosed more hardware configuration information for future Windows 8 Tablet PC in a conference in Beijing on Thursday  Tablet PC equipped with Microsoft new operating system is expected to be released in the second half of this year.

Intel shows a Win8
Tablet PC model with Clover Trail platform Atom Z2760 processor, the dual-core processor support "burst mode" (burst mode, when needed to quickly improve performance) and Hyper-Threading Hyper-Threading can make dual-core chips in some cases showing the features of the quad-core chips.

Below are some features of Win8 Tablet PC according to Intel::

- In two sizes. Intel believes that the Tablet PC should be divided into two dimensions: the conventional 10-inch models and 11 inches mixed models with a physical keyboard.

- Battery life. More than nine hours, but this is only theoretical figures, actual products may differ.

--3G/4G. This is a must-have feature of the Tablet PC. Intel has acquired Infineon's wireless business unit, it is necessary, so Intel can supply independent wireless silicon chip when necessary.

- Weight / thickness. Less than 1.5 pounds (about 0.68Kg), third-generation iPad weight is 1.44 pounds. Less than 9 mm thick, the third generation iPad thickness is 9.4 mm.

- Other features. Support NFC (Near Field Communication) and WiFi Direct.

All of the above information indicates that Win8 Tablet PC will be for commercial release in the second half of this year.

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