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Will Intel acquire Nvidia?

  Peter      2012-12-14 13:08:12      2,489    0

According to BrightSideofnews, Intel may acquire Nvidia, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will likely serve as Intel's new CEO.

It is reported that the two sides have begun to have some negotiations, but details are still unknown. Intel CEO and President Paul Otellini has decided to retire in May next year,  The board of directors said Intel's new CEO may not come from Intel internal, now they are in the process of finding new CEO.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini is thought of performing poorly in the mobile market, and therefore decided to retire. Although WinTel Union makes Intel long-term PC market dominator, but in the rapid development of the mobile market, Intel has completely lagged behind rivals. In the smart phone market, Intel's has a market share of less than 1%, completely fell behind Qualcomm, Samsung and ARM. If the news of the acquisition is true, it will increase its share in the mobile market. The news also says that the acquisition will not only include mobile processor department but also include GeForce graphics business.

Nvidia has a great advantage in the field of programmable graphics processor technologies, par with the AMD-ATI (AMD acquired ATI in 2006), It focused on creating products to enhance the human-machine interaction experience for personal and professional computing platforms. They have developed five product brands, including GeForce, Tegra, ION, Quadro and Tesla. Nvidia was founded in 1993, is headquartered in Santa Clara, USA, and has approximately 5,700 employees in more than 20 countries and regions.

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