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Why don't programmers have high social status?

Up to date there is No single street name for a top programmer or computer scientist in any of the Top 20 most developed countries in the world during the last 60 years. There is no statue built in the center of a major city for a renown programmer or computer scientists. No “Presidential Medal” or “Congressional Gold Medal” has been awarded to a computer scientists or programmer. There is no nationally televised social reward ceremony for computer programmers and scientists like there is for artists, football or basketball players, etc. There is no red carpet and Nobel price award ceremony-like for their achievements, and contribution to the progress of humanity. Why programmers and computer scientists are not so highly regarded and rewarded accordingly? Why don't they have a high social status?



First, we have to admit the work they do is full of glory and they should be roud of what the are doing. They are using codes to reform the world and now many things around usn are software oriented. But programmers don't get the deserved respect from society. I think there are few reasons:

1. Personally programmers are more focusing on technical skills, they put much effort and energy on their daily work and they will ignore the communication skills which is really important to let people what they have done is really important. So frequently. In simple words, they lack of sales skills which to sell them and brand them.

2. Historically programmers are just ordinary engineers like mechanicians, car engineers etc. They are borned to be at the same level of these engineers. Unlike doctors, lawyers who are highly respected, people think they are smart people and can bring happiness to people.

3. Time -- We can see that programmers start to appear only 40 years ago. It has a relative short history. Actually in recent years, programmers are becomming more and more prominant. We can see news about programmers on headlines more and more frequently. I believe that in near future, programmers will be recognized by more and more people and their social status will be higher.

Let's rock and start programming.


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For there is some people not having idea of programming.

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Because they are playing with your product so that they have no time to consider who designed it or who deserve to get a prize.

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