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  Java code to retrieve Bing background image path

When Microsoft presented their search engine Bing, this new design gave us some surprise, especially its background images, they are very beautiful and it will change every day. But   unfortunately we cannot save the image onto our PC by right clicking the mouse.  After some research on its source code, I found a feasible but not so sophisticated way to achieve this, we can retrieve the image path from the source code and then use this path we can download the image. This is just to sh...

   Java,Bing,Background image path,URL,Download,Save     2012-05-02 10:51:51

  Loading images progressively using Gaussian blur

The popular online publishing platform Medium has adopted an impressive image loading mechanism -- pure color - blur image loading - real image loading. Since images on Medium usually have high definition, it takes much time to load an image and hence brings a bad user experience if rendering the image after it's completely downloaded. The solution Medium comes out is to preload an small image when the real image is being loaded.  On Medium, the HTML code will have below pattern ...


  The Best Hackers In The World All Come From One Country

Facebook, Zynga, and other hot companies use Interview Street to recruit programmers. Interview Street posts programming challenges and invites contenders to solve as many as they can. According to their message board, nine of Interview Street's top ten hackers are all from China. One is from an unknown country. A hacker called ralekseenkov, who is ranked number 11, is from the United States. What does that say about the talent crunch here? Read more:

   Hacker,Country,China,Microsoft     2012-04-11 13:17:55

  Example of less is more

Less is more is a very important design principle. It is as important as the 80:20 principle. It means that which is less complicated is often better understood and more appreciated than what is more complicated; simplicity is preferable to complexity; brevity in communication is more effective than verbosity. Next we will use an animated image to describe what is less is more. The popularity of flat design in web application design also proves the importance of less is more. Many famous compan...

   Less is more,Flat design     2013-09-20 07:20:43

  Gcd Algorithm with JavaScript

How to find the greatest common divisor between two integers? We may encounter this problem frequently in interviews or other occasions. An efficient metho to find gcd is the Euclidean algorithm, which uses the division algorithm in combination with the observation that the gcd of two numbers also divides their difference: divide 48 by 18 to get a quotient of 2 and a remainder of 12. Then divide 18 by 12 to get a quotient of 1 and a remainder of 6. Then divide 12 by 6 to get...

   JavaScript,Algorithm,Gcd,Implementation,     2011-09-21 15:57:32

  An easy way to log client side information to server

JavaScript debug is a very troublesome thing in web application development. Because many web browsers will not notify you if there is any error in the JavaScript codes you write. They just silently fail and block the following codes execution. In order to debug JavaScript codes, we need a good log mechanism which will help us log the error information,, we often need to log errors in JavaScript codes to server for debug purpose in a production web application, What should we do? The first ...

   JavaScript log, Ajax,Image,Debug     2012-12-30 09:16:50

  Mount DD image on Linux

Yesterday, my Raspberry Pi running Arch Linux was not able to boot with error: Kernel Panic, not syncing: no init found. I spent a night on it, but could not find a working solution. The last option is easy: reinstall the system. That is really the last resort, for I do not want to re-setup everything I have done: samba server, Time Machine server, Xunlei Offline Downloader… Unable to mount the SD card The system does not boot, so I need to find a way to get into the file system to identi...

   Linux,DD Image     2014-06-24 07:49:14

  JavaScript showModalDialog method

In JavaScript, showModalDialog()  method creates a simple modal dialog box which is a simple html page but when a modal dialog opens, user can't switch to another page until it closes the modal dialog box. Syntax:  window.showModalDialog( url, arguments, feature options); Where url is the URL of page which is to be opened in modal window and arguments are those arguments which we are passing to the modal window and feature options are the attributes set for the modal windo...

   JavaScript,JS,showModalDialog,Example     2011-07-27 10:51:47

  Use progressive JPEG to improve user experience

JPEG image files can have two different save types : Baseline JPEG and Progressive JPEG. Both of them have the same extension name but with different display effect. Baseline JPEG This type of JPEG files are scanned from top to bottom consecutively, each line of the image data will be saved sequentially. When opening this kind of images, data will be displayed with the save order line by line until all the data are read. If the image size is very large or network speed is very slow, the image wi...


  Getting started with WTL on Visual Studio 2010

Now that you have downloaded the latest WTL release (v8.1 at the time of this writing), you will find out that it doesn’t have any project wizards for Visual Studio 2010. That’s a relatively easily fix. Just go ahead and download the latest build from the repository at AppWiz.tar.gz-view=tar. Extract the .tar file and you will find the JavaScript install scripts for VS 2010: I recommend you to extract the files to the same location were you installed the WTL files. In my case this wo...

   C++,Windows,WTL,VS2010,Configure     2012-02-25 09:32:31