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  Beginners guide to Linux directory structure

Have you ever looked in your / directory, you’ll see a lot of directories. Here we are presenting beginners guide to linux directory structure explaining what they mean and what are the contents of these directories.Screenshot of contents of root directory: /This is called root partition. All files and directories start with root partition. Write privileges under this directory are avaible with root user only. Not to confuse it with root user’s home directory, know the difference...

   Linux,File system structure,Beginner's guide     2012-04-20 12:19:32

  10 Things Beginner Developers Should Know

If you are a novice developer, it might be confusing about where you should start, because the field is broad and provides many options for you. There are so many questions you might ask yourself, such as “What programming language should I learn?” or “Should I also know front-end, or only back-end?” And I am sure there are much more than that. Well, in order for you to be able to start with an advantage against the others, I’ve decided to help you start your career as a developer...

   Advice,Software developer,Beginner     2011-12-29 01:41:04

  Is Scala Only for Computer Scientists?

I have experience struggling through these kinds of things andI know enough about the subject that I can understand why they did it that way. But my concern is that this should be an example that a beginner could understand, and they can't. There's too much depth exposed. Here's the example, which is written as a script: import case class Registrant(line: String) { val data = line.split(",") val first = data(0) val last = data(1) val email = data(2) val payment = da...

   Scala,Application field,Computer science     2012-02-17 07:46:40

  PHP to Objective C, where the f**k are parameters?

Javascript, PHP, Ruby functionsI assume you are very familiar with declaring functions in any of the languages above, if not, you should not be reading this. Let’s begin with a simple function to send email in these languages:// PHP or Javascript do_send_email (recipient, cc, subject, body); // Ruby do_send_email (recipient, cc, subject, body)So it’s clear by looking at the function’s signature that it takes 4 parameters and they could be optional, depends on your implementation. Eve...

   Objective-C,PHP,JavaScript,Parameter,Function name     2012-01-16 09:46:09

  A couple of tips for beginning programmers

Whether it is football, quantum physics, a new foreign language or programming, the beginnings are problematic. What is more, no amount of advice can teach you as much as your own experience. Nevertheless, the following tips will help you avoid some mistakes, save your time and develop good programmer habits from the very beginning.Practise logical thinkingAlthough some may laugh at the stereotype of a programmer being a Maths genius, there is no use denying that learning Maths and Logics prepar...

   Programming,Tips,Beginner     2014-06-17 07:47:31

  Read 10 new books from O'Reilly for free

Recently O'Reilly provided free access to some books. Some of them are even in early release status. Here we recommend 10 of them. 1、Mastering Perl 2、Git Pocket Guide 3、Vagrant: Up and Running 4、High Performance Browser Networking 5、802.11ac: A Survival Guide 6、Test-Driven Development with Python 7、Interactive Data Visualization for the Web 8、HTML5 Canvas 9、Programming JavaScript Applications 10、Agile Data Source :

   O'Reilly,Free book,Early release     2013-07-03 07:56:20

  HTTP Server development resource summary

This article summarizes some materials, articles and books I used when learning HTTP Server development. Hope this will help you. RFC and standard documents RFC2616 – Hypertext Transfer Protocol — HTTP/1.1 HTTP protocol standard document, it's an essential reference document for all personnel engaged in the development of the HTTP-related projects, careful study is recommended. RFC793 – TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL TCP Protocol standard document The WWW Common Gateway Interfac...

   HTTP Server,Book,Article     2012-09-25 22:46:56

  What has Google done on improving programming languages

Google is now becoming the most innovative IT company in the world. Every now and then they would deliver one revolutionary product to us such as Google Glass, Google Fiber, Automatic Mobile Cars etc. All these great products are backed up by the powerful software system built into. Google has used many programming languages to develop these software and they have put much resource in improving the programming languages they use and we use today. What has Google done in improving programming lan...

   Google,Programming     2014-02-21 09:36:34

  Readability in Programming Languages

I saw a side by side comparison of a bunch of scripting languages online recently. Scripting Languages: PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby My first, and second reaction was yuck! Now I have my biases – biases which may  not be shared by others of course. But I like readable code and for me anytime I see a special character (anything not an alphanumeric) it slows me down. This got me thinking about where we are going in design of programming languages? Are we moving forward (what ever that ...

   Programming,Style,Coding style,Readabili     2011-09-22 09:20:03

  Setting server timezone

To set your web servers date timezone, for example for Eastern Standard Time (EST) use the following code:SetEnv TZ America/IndianapolisFor example, for Los Angeles time (Pacific time), use the following code:SetEnv TZ America/Los_AngelesOther location examples include:America/New_York - Eastern Time America/Detroit - Eastern Time - Michigan (most locations) America/Louisville - Eastern Time (Louisville, Kentucky) America/Indianapolis - Eastern Standard Time (Indiana, most locatio...

   .htaccess,Server,Time zone,Change     2011-10-03 14:45:33