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Convert number to string in C++

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Prior to C++11, there is no built-in function in C++ standard library which can be used to convert numbers such as interger and double number to string.  There are many ways which can convert number to string. Since C++ is C compatible, we can use itoa() function to convert an integer to C style string. But this one can only convert integer to string, not double. For different types of numbers, we need to use different functions.

string s = string(itoa(a));

Actually, we can also use stringstream in C++ to convert number to string.  Also, here since we want to convert different types of numbers to string, we may need template. Below is the implementation:

     * Method      : toString()
     * Description : Convert other data type to string
     * Input         : T -- template data type
     * Return        : string
    static string toString(T data){
        stringstream s;
        return s.str();

So later when we want to convert an integer or double number to string, we can use it this way.




Fortunately, in C++11, we can use the built-in std::to_string() method to convert number to string. The overloaded types defined are:

std::string to_string( int value );
(1) (since C++11)
std::string to_string( long value );
(2) (since C++11)
std::string to_string( long long value );
(3) (since C++11)
std::string to_string( unsigned value );
(4) (since C++11)
std::string to_string( unsigned long value );
(5) (since C++11)
std::string to_string( unsigned long long value );
(6) (since C++11)
std::string to_string( float value );
(7) (since C++11)
std::string to_string( double value );
(8) (since C++11)
std::string to_string( long double value );
(9) (since C++11)

For example:

double f = 23.43;	
std::string f_str = std::to_string(f);

Reference :



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