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Facebook : App Center is more suitable for developers

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Facebook recently announced that they will release their own app store named App Center. It will be released in a few weeks. At the same time, Facebook also released the introduction page of the App Center, it introduces to developers the process of app submission and the standards of app approval.

Facebook allows developer to provide charged apps via App Center. Since it has over 900 million active users globally, so many developers are willing to develop apps on this platform. Facebook will decide which app to put on its websites based on s series of factors, including app design, user rating and engagement. Developers can know about their app's performance using the new app rating indices. Following are some app approval standards published by Facebook.

  • An app on in a canvas page
  • A mobile app built for the web, iOS or Android that uses Facebook Login
  • A website that uses Facebook Login and has an immediately logged-in, personalized experience (see App Quality for more info)
  • An App for Pages built to manage or enhance other companies’ Facebook Pages

When an app is developed, developers need to create app detail page, providing some information including app display name, short&detailed description, category&sub-category, icons,cover image, small&large banners and screenshots.

Facebook will also implement more reasonable review process compared to Apple and Google. The review process will not be as strict as Apple and will not as unordered as Google. It will have appropriate entry requirements. Low rating and low quality apps will be rejected. As a developer, you can create charged, free or in-app purchase apps. Compared to App Store and Google Play, Facebook's App Center will be more sociable since it is based on social network platform.

In addition, Facebook doesn't reveal the profit mode for the third party developers. Previously Apple's App Store invented the 30-70 mode, i.e, the app platform will get 30% of the profit and developers will get the rest 70%. We don't know whether App Center will also adopt this mode.

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