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Write in Go

A song about Go language which learns from the famous song Let it go.


Here is the subscript:


The Schedule's tight on the cluster tonight

So I parallelized my code


All those threads and continuations

My Head's going to explode


And all that boilerplate

That FactoryBuilderAdapterDelegateImpl


Seems unjustified

Give me something simple



Don't write in Scheme

Don't write in C


No more pointer that I forgot free()


Java's verbose

Python's too slow


It's time you know


Write in Go!

Write in Go!


No inheritance anymore


Write in Go!

Write in Go!


There's no do or while

just for


I don't care what your linters say

I've got tools for that


The code never bothered me anyway


It's funny how some features

Make every change seem small


And the errors that once slowed me

Don't get me down at all


It's time to see what Go can do

'Cause it seems too be good to be true


No long compile times for me

I'm free


Wrte in Go!

Write in Go!


Kiss your pointer math goodbye


Write in Go!

Write in Go!


Time to give GC a try


I don't care if my structure stay

On the heap or stack


My program spawns its goroutines without a sound


Control is spraling through buffered channels all around


I don't remember why I ever once subclassed


I never going back


My tests all build and pass


Write in Go!

Write in Go!


You won't use Eclipse anymore


Write in Go!

Write in Go!


Who cares what Boost is for?


I don't care what the tech leads say


I'll rewrite it all


Writing code never bothered me, anyway.


So programmers and geeks are artists, right? Who says they are not?

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