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Japanese Used Cars-Top Six Myths about Buying One in Russia

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With the prices of brand new vehicles steadily increasing. Prospective car owners in Russia have started to move towards buying used vehicles. Being a reliable name in the automobile manufacturing world, Japanese used vehicles are playing a good contribution in fulfilling this increasing demand.

Japanese used vehicles have become a major contributor to the overall trade of automotive industry. Keeping this fact in mind, it could be easily assumed that buying one should be a completely hassle-free process. But some myths and misconceptions have made the overall process of buying one just a bit difficult.

Here are a few misconceptions that are usually associated with buying Japanese used cars in Russia and their reality:

1.      Japanese Used Cars Are Not Reliable

Along with the majority of the people praising about the quality of Japanese used vehicles, they are a few who believes they aren’t reliable.

The advanced technology used in the Japanese vehicle makes them last for longer period of time.  These vehicles could easily run for thousands of miles before getting in need of a mechanical repair work. Additionally, Japanese vehicles that are imported directly from Japan tend to come in immaculate condition because of the strict rules and regulations of the Japanese government. So, there is no need to doubt the reliability of these vehicles.

Moreover, you can go through the reviews about these cars while getting in touch with the owners of these vehicles who are willing to share their personal experiences with you.

2.      Japanese Used Cars Don’t Provide Any Resale Value

Used cars actually provide their owners with a high resale value than a brand new one. This is usually because new cars tend to depreciate faster in the first two to three years’ time, then their depreciation automatically slows down.

On the other hands buying a Japanese used vehicle would already cost less, and a result of slow deprecation the resale value of this vehicle tend to stay high.

Additionally, if you properly maintain these cars, they can last for longer period of time and eventually keep the resale value higher.

3.      Private Sellers Provide a Better Deal

People often believe private car owners usually give a better deal than professional car traders. Although a private car owner might offer you a vehicle which is a bit cheaper than an online Japanese used car trader in Russia, you can’t be sure that the private seller is hiding any sorts of fact.

Often private sellers don’t give the precise information about their vehicles and keep some of them hidden from you. While on the other hands, a professional car trader will provide you with all the detailed information reading your vehicle. These car traders need to keep their good will, so they simply can’t afford to risk it by providing you the wrong information. 

4.      Prefer a Car with Low Mileage

It is a usual believe that a car with a low mileage must be better in quality. However, it can’t usually be the case every time. 

A vehicle which hasn’t been kept in good condition could break down anytime. Despite the mileage. So, it’s important to know the overall condition of the vehicle rather than relying on its low mileage.

5.      Car Traders Take Extra Money

People often believe car traders charge their customers the extra amount of money. This is not usually the case every time. Often, the different type of fees might make the overall fees suspicious. For clearing your concept it’s important to go through the invoice which has been provided to you by your Japanese used car trader.

Still, if a specific charge looks suspicious it’s better to ask your car trader about it so you can check its legitimacy.

6.      Japanese Used Car Warranties Are Always a Scam

You would always believe that a given warranty is a scam unless you don’t know what it actually covers. So, it’s quite important to know what your warranty is actually covering.

But don’t make the decision of purchasing a vehicle just based on the guarantee provided. Make sure the vehicle is actually good in condition, so don’t have just rely on the guarantee provided to you by your Japanese used car trader.

Author Bio:

Lewis Hampton is a well-experienced used car trader currently associated with a multinational Japanese used automobile company in Japan. He is currently looking after Japanese used cars for sale in Russia, where he is assisting all the Russian customers to find the most suitable vehicle in terms of high performance and reliability.


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