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Examples of bad design

  sonic0002      2013-09-25 22:57:49      9,010    1

Good designs always help users solve their problems in a convenient and familiar way. It takes little or no time for users getting used to the product with a good design. In contrast, bad designs frequently introduce confusion and complexity to users. Before we design any product, we should think carefully about every aspect of the product. We share some really bad design here to show how they can affect people's life.

1. USB Connector

Have you ever put one in right on the first try? We frequently put them wrongly the first time.

2. The Apple puck mouse

Not only was it incredibly uncomfortable and impractical to use, it came with a cable so short that it was almost unusable by right handers because the USB port on the keyboard was on the left. 

3. Captcha

It's true that it is useful in combating bots and spam attempts, it's a nightmare for legitimate web surfers. I can't really remember how many times I gave up registering to a particular site or forum just because I could not decipher the useless combination of texts scattered on screen in a very, very haphazard and user unfriendly manner.

4.Shutdown Windows 8

Here's how to shut down Windows 8:
1. Mouse over the little gadget in the lower right corner of the screen. (You can also move your mouse cursor to the upper left corner; same result.
2. In the slide-out menu (known as the Charms Bar) that appears, click Settings.
3. Click the Power button, and then click your desired action: Sleep, Shut down, or Update and restart.
So, there you have it. In Windows 8, it requires four actions to shut down your PC: hover, click, click, and click.

5. ATM

How about this?

6. Electricity socket

Does this black magic only happen in China?

7. Windows Start menu

Start" here to shut down your computer...

8. Inappropriate menu order


The closeness of the Rename option to the Delete option on the file/folder context menu in Windows OS. Seriously, how many times have you accidentally trashed a file you merely meant to rename and then had to fish it back from the recycle bin? In terms of frequency of use, it should be right below Open. This example is from XP:

9. Nokia N-Gage

Nokia N-Gage is one of the most famous examples of design shortcomings. Although the concept of a phone combined with a gaming console proved to be a winner (right iPhone?) the clumsiness of the design doomed Nokia’s plans. Examples? To change the game you needed to remove the battery (?!). Speaker and microphone were placed on a side of the phone, so you needed to actually speak to the side of the device.

10.Trash sign

How could anyone ever expect anything but confusion from this?



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